Break in arrest – submitted by one of the homeowners

Record ID867

Incident DateOctober 30, 2010Time8:49:00 PMDivisionFalconShift II
TitleArrestLocation840 Golden Hills Road
SummaryOn Saturday, Oct. 30, Falcon Patrol Division officers were dispatched to 840 Golden Hills Road in regards to a possible burglary in progress. The occupant of this residence had recently arrived home and heard noises coming from the attic area, which was accessed through a trap door in the ceiling of the garage. Officers responded and contacted a white male, Troy Tutza, DOB: 5-15-63, hiding in the attic. He was taken into custody and charged with Burglary. An item (a bar of soap shaped like a bear) was found near him that the occupants believed he had taken from inside the home, indicating he had been inside the residence prior to the owners’ arrival. Another call had been received in the area (call screen 10422292) at approximately 3:40pm describing a white male, 30’s to 40’s, long hair and a baseball cap that had been seen in the area looking into back yards. Officers had responded at that time and had not observed the male in the area. Mr. Tutza matched the description of this male observed earlier.
Adults ArrestedTroy Tutza, DOB: 5-15-63
Media Contact Name and Phone Number:      Lt. Strassburg-Aldal       444-7240


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