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Bernie is a broker at Cherry Creek Properties.  He specializes in residential properties for both owner occupied and investment purposes.   If you have any real estate questions, Bernie is always ready to give you expert advice.  When you are ready to buy or sell, please contact Bernie at  (719) 659-9482 or


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  1. Sue Grieshaber says:

    2 suspicious cars watching house (9-10pm) within the past week
    There have been 2 different cars parked across from our driveway on Cordillera Ct. within the past week. One person (black SUV) was out of his car and walking around the property and house. The other car, identified by license plate which was shared with police (white Crossover SUV on 3/17) The police have indicated to call immediately if the white car is seen again. Please be extra vigilant around our neighborhood. thank you

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